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Why do I need title insurance?

There could be hidden defects in even the most comprehensive title search done on a property, such as an incorrect posting or recording of a mortgage, deed or other liens.   Title Insurance protects your investment against financial loss should a defect be discovered after your purchase that could affect your rights of ownership of your property.

How am I protected by having title insurance?

The Title Insurance Underwriter will defend you when claims are made against you for various matters, including forgery, fraud and boundary disputes.

If my Lender requires a Loan Policy, why do I need an Owner’s Policy?

The Lender Policy only protects the Lender for the amount of their investment against any title defects or claims.  However, without an Owner’s Policy, your investment would not be protected from title defects or claims.

What is the cost of Title Insurance?

There is a one-time premium paid at the time of closing, which is based on the purchase price.

How long does the coverage last?

Your Owner’s Policy will cover you for as long as you own your property.  Additionally, during your ownership of the property, it can also be an important source to save money should you need to refinance your property in the future, as it would allow you to benefit from a “reissue credit” toward a new Lender Policy on your refinance.

Besides Title Insurance, what else does Advantage Title assist with during the closing process?

In connection with processing your file for closing and issuing Title Insurance, we will obtain various products to ensure that the title is clear, including a municipal lien search report, estoppels for Condominium/Homeowner Associations (when needed), and a Survey (when needed), and prepare various documents needed for closing.  In addition, we coordinate the closing with all involved parties and serve as Closing Agent to ensure that all documents are correctly signed and delivered for closing and to receive and disburse all closing funds as Escrow Agent.

Does my spouse need to attend closing?

Since Florida is a homestead state, your spouse would typically be required to sign certain documents on a sale, purchase, or refinance of homestead property, which we would advise you of upon our receipt of all relevant information for your transaction.

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